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Alternate Uses for Your Garage – Infographic

Posted on 25th April 2017

A garage is an excellent addition to a home, and one that can add value to your property if you really take advantage of the additional space your garage provides. By using the space more creatively, not only will you add even more value to your property, you’ll also increase its appeal. With property prices constantly rising and mortgages becoming more difficult to secure, maximising your living space has never been more important. Read on for some inspiration on alternate uses for your garage. Home gym If you’re looking to increase your fitness levels or want to work out in your…

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Anatomy of a Garage Door – Infographic

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Whether you’re fitting your own roller door or suspect a problem with your current model, knowing the elements that make up your roller door and the role they play with the functioning of your garage door can really help ensure that you are installing and using your door correctly. To help you get to grips with all the different components, here we’re looking at the anatomy of a roller garage door. Barrel – The barrel is the cylindrical holder of the curtain of the door. When you activate the door, the barrel rotates downwards, lowering the curtain and closing the door,…

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What Type of Garage Door Should I Buy? – Infographic

Posted on

Choosing the right garage door for your home or business premises is incredibly important; not only does your garage door make up a huge part of the facade of your property, meaning it holds immense aesthetic importance, it also provides protection against vandals, thieves and volatile weather. On top of this, your garage door needs to be easy to use, long lasting, and fit within the space confines of your garage! With so many considerations to bear in mind, choosing a garage door for your property can be a difficult decision fraught with stress. To help you make your decision easier,…

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How to Keep Your Garage Tidy – Infographic

Posted on 13th April 2017

We build our garages with the best intention; to store our vehicle safely off the street, reducing the likelihood of accidents, damage or theft. However, more often than not, once our homes start bursting at the seams, our garages end up being a handy dumping ground for boxes of bric-a-brac. Sound familiar? If so, don’t worry, we have some helpful hints and tricks to help you keep your garage neat and tidy – and easier to use!   Work out how much free space you actually have This is crucial. Before you can start re-organising your cluttered garage, you’ll need to…

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Insulated Garage Doors: How and Why

Posted on 19th August 2016

Your garage door can do more than simply plug the gap at the front of your garage. Having an insulated garage door can provide you, your garage and your home with many helpful benefits, so this month we’re taking a look at the best way to achieve an insulated garage door and exactly why doing so is a wise choice. Why choose an insulated garage door over uninsulated? Aesthetically, there isn’t much difference between an insulated and uninsulated garage door, but there is certainly reason to choose one over the other. An insulated garage door, first and foremost, allows you much…

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How to Avoid and Remove Mould in Your Garage

Posted on 15th July 2016

Mould can be problematic wherever it crops up, and many people don’t realise how their garage might contain the ideal conditions for mould to thrive. Putting some thought into mould proofing your garage will save you trouble in the future, so we’ve put together some tips on how to prevent mould from developing in your garage, and what you can do to remove it if it’s already there. Prevent against moisture The best way to prevent mould from building up and spreading all over your garage is to reduce the amount of moisture in the garage as much as possible. Mould…

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